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Luna Maya And Ariel Peterpan Leaked Hotel Room Indonesian Celebrity Sex Tape, Hot Sex Video Scandal For Download
Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Here is the hottest Indonesian celebrity sex tape yet. It is of Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan and it is spreading like wildfire on the Internet. Luna Maya is an actress and a presenter in Indonesia while Ariel Peterpan is the lead vocals of pop rock band Peterpan. Two videos were leaked allegedly showing the two artists from Indonesia getting it on hot and heavy in Indonesia's biggest celebrity sex tape yet to date. Luna Maya denied any involvement in the scandalous sex video that recently started to circulate on social networking, like Facebook, with herself and Nazril Ilham a.k.a. Ariel "Peterpan." Simply put, she says the girl in the video is not her and the guy is not Ariel. But the similarities between the couple in these sex videos and Luna Maya and Ariel are leaving people to wonder. In fact, people who know the two personally have said it is them. This is not the first scandal for the couple, Luna was rumored to be the reason for the troubled marriage of her boyfriend Ariel. Speculations of an affair arose after he was seeing with Luna before his divorce in early 2008.

About three days Indonesian web-surfers were shocked by the video recording of a woman that look very much like Luna Maya in the middle of having sex with a man who allegedly Ariel. Reportedly, the video was made in March of last year at a hotel in Jakarta. Other sources say it was at a hotel in Bali. But both sides agree this celebrity sex video is real. Luna Maya reportedly is claiming someone is trying to framer her with the sex videos. "There must be objective that people do it, (recording and spreading on the internet)" says Luna. Luna plans to find out who is the mastermind behind the making of the video. Luna Maya run away to avoid reporters who tried to get confirmation from her, Saturday morning. Yesterday, at the RCTI Studio she was in less of an avoidance mode when she made a statement: "Frankly I was really shocked to hear the news. Therefore I want to investigate who did it," said Luna.
"It is used to slander," she added about the video.

Download the Sex Video After the Screen Shots Below!

There are two hot sex videos currently at the center of attention in Indonesia, the hot videos are said to be of a pair artists who are very famous. Actress Luna Maya and her boyfriend singer Ariel seemed to be the talk of the town recently after their sex video hit the net. Luna Maya is probably the most famous Indonesian actress right now. Ariel is a singer in "Peter Pan" pop band, one of the top band in Indonesia. Ariel and Luna were a couple a few years ago, but Ariel was forced to marry with another woman cause that woman got pregnant... However, it was a very troubled marriage and they divorce about a year ago. Then Ariel and Luna got back together but are not yet married...

The girl in the video have what appear to be a butterfly tattoo on her left hip. Some are saying this is proof the female in the sex videos is not Luna Maya because she is not believed to have a tattoo. But others believe the tattoo seen in the video is a temporary tattoo that Luna Maya got while at a resort in Bali where the sex video was made just over a year ago. The first video duration 2 minutes 37 seconds, while the second video duration is longer, with a length of 6 minutes 39 seconds. Both videos are available for download below as one merged WMV video file. The leaked sex tape of a couple who many believe to be of the two celebrities began circulating on the social networking sites Kaskus and then Facebook. Video began circulating on the evening of Thursday, June 3, 2010.

However, since Friday, June 4, 2010 morning, the webpage at the site that contain the sex video mentioned was already closed. And in fact, the video which also contained in a Facebook account could not be opened anymore. An account at Kaskus who has the ID of "Pantokrator" claimed that he recognize the couple in the video. "The scene was made on March 23, 2009," Pantokrator said Thursday night. According to him, it was made at a Bali hotel. Pantokrator's true identity is unknown but he is not believed to be behind the leak. But he sure seem to known a lot about the video. And he believe the video was accidentally leaked to the public.

Until now, there is no confirmation yet whether the video was accidentally leaked by Ariel or Luna Maya. Pantokrator expressed disappointed with the spread of the sex video which he said is of Ariel and Luna Maya. Pantokrator also admitted being a guard at Ariel's uncle studio and to personally knowing the two stars as a friend. "Previously I was afraid to use the prime ID. But honestly, I was surprised why the video which made a year ago can be circulated, in fact the video is only on their hand. I'm disappointed as a friend," he said. But Pantokrator did defend Ariel and Luna Maya by adding the video was made public by accident.

According to telecommunication experts, Abhimanyu Wahjoewidajat difficult to make out the true identity of the couple in the video, because it has low resolution. Abhimanyu revealed, the video was taken in the resolution of 340 x 120 pixels and is taken from a cell phone. "So it's hard to make out the video in such low resolution." Then, Abhimanyu says it is also hard to find people who resemble the character of Luna Maya and Ariel. Therefore, if you want to prove whether the video is genuine or not, there's only one way. Namely, by proving whether Luna Maya has a butterfly tattoo or not. "Just ask police to check whether Luna has a tattoo or not," he said

According to various sources of sex video scandal, Ariel and Luna Maya are probably the true identity of the couple and they both made the original video just over a year ago. Until now there is no official statement from the parties behind the leak nor from Ariel Peterpan or Luna Maya in connection with the circulation of both hot video on the Internet. Since the case of sex videos which featuring two persons who are similar to Luna Maya and Ariel "Peterpan" circulating on the Internet (now the video famous as Video Luna Maya), Luna Maya is the center of attention. However, the artist was still active as usual. Management "Dahsyat," a music show which hosted by Luna Maya has not decided to take a stance.

It is revealed by music show producer, Oke Jahja, at RCTI Studio, West Jakarta, Saturday, June 5, 2010 that they are still in support of Luna Maya. According Oke, so far it has not examined the truth of the sex video which said similar to Luna Maya. Nevertheless, management "Dahsyat" plans to call Luna officially to discuss the issue. "We are not going to give her any sanctions until proven if that's accurate. The truth may also need the confession of Luna and Ariel themselves," Oke told reporters. Oke is not sure when Luna will be called to clarify. According to Oke, the appearance of the video so far as had no bad impact on the events that were planed. He also assesses Luna Maya is still undergoing her job properly and professionally as usual. "Look at yourself, she's still mediocre," said Oke. Luna Maya is a host together with her colleagues Olga Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad at RCTI. But yesterday she did not finish their event. She returned home earlier because she felt unwell.

This sex scandal is so shocking that the majority think it is hoax, but there is at least one actor who believe the girl is Luna Maya. However, Luna Maya denied that in the video is of her and Ariel. "Maybe someone who looked like me and Ariel. In fact, I and Ariel are impossible to do such a thing. I, myself was shock when I had heard about that video sex scenes," Luna said when met, after the event "Dahsyat" in RCTI, Friday (6/4/10). "It is not. I do not have a butterfly tattoo on the left hip," said Luna Maya in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. However, she did not intend to bring this case to litigation. "Tired like this. I am sincere. I hope the Lord reply," said Luna Maya. Luna itself admitted had not seen the video. Instead she just found out on Friday from a number of reporters, among other online media. "I was really shocked," said Luna. Her face looked pale. Luna seemed reluctant to comment further. She then hurried to her Mercedez Benz ML 350 SUV, even intercepted a number of news reporters as she ran. "Thanks," said Luna. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Sex Video After the Screen Shots:

Source: http://www.GutterUncensored.com


Luna Maya And Ariel Peterpan Leaked Indonesian Celebrity
Sex Video

Format: WMV - File Size: 86.5 MB - Runtime: 9:28 minutes






















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